Bit-Search Description

The Bit-Search search assistant, also seen as Bit Search, can be found in free software packages under the 'Advanced' or 'Custom' option. The Bit-Search application is programmed to change your default homepage, new tab search provider. Users may be attracted to install the Bit-Search assistant, but security researchers recognize it as a browser hijacker. The Bit-Search browser hijacker writes several registry entries in Windows to prevent users and programs from changing the browser settings and shows commercials. Additionally, web surfers will be subjected to use only the search engine and be presented with ads by sponsors via pop-up windows, banners, and in-text hyperlinks on web pages while users browse the Internet. Security researchers note that the Bit-Search browser hijacker may feature links to harmful domains and suggest users to install rogueware such as ACommander and Active Pro Security Antivirus. Also, the design of the page is very similar to the one of Google to convince web surfers to use the services of Bit-Search as long as possible. That way the developers of the Bit-Search browser hijacker can earn affiliate revenue and use your browser as a private ad platform. The Bit-Search browser hijacker may start a background service in the Windows Task Manager at boot-up to ensure its operations. Moreover, the Bit-Search browser hijacker may read your browsing history to facilitated the display of tailor-suited ads and maximize its efficiency. As stated above, the Bit-Search browser hijacker may redirect you to harmful websites and obstruct your online activities, and you might want to use a trusted anti-malware tool to remove it.

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