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Bitcoin Collector Scam

By GoldSparrow in Trojans

Crypto-currencies have been a hit in the global financial scene the past few years. However, the expanding market of different crypto-currencies and the ever-growing interest in them by the public was bound to attract sharks from the world of cybercrime. One such instance is the Bitcoin Collector Scam.

The Bitcoin Collector gained traction in May 2019 because it was posing as a legitimate service, which made some wild promises to its users. The authors of this 'service' claimed that if you register and use Bitcoin Collector, you will be getting up to $45 per day in the shape of Bitcoin. Furthermore, you would get a personal referral link, and if you convince another user to sign up via your link, you could receive up to to $800 a day in Ethereum. Overly generous offers like this need to raise red flags in users online – if it seems too good to be true it probably is. In this case, like in most similar cases, the promises made by the creators of Bitcoin Collector are all lies.

Bitcoin Collector claims to be a crypto-currency miner, but it is not. Instead, in some cases, this piece of software executes a data-encryption Trojan called the BulbaCrypt Ransomware. In others, it would load Baldr – this is cyber-threat meant to grab saved login credentials. In an attempt to keep the users in the dark about the threatening actions going on behind the curtains, the authors of the Bitcoin Collector would offer a VirusTotal scan so that they can convince the victims that their software is safe to use.

Users online need to remember that there is no such thing as free lunch and such lucrative offers like the Bitcoin Collector will almost always come to bite you. Make sure you have a reputable anti-spyware tool, which would keep you safe from scams like the Bitcoin Collector.


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