The site is presented to Web surfers as a search aggregator that functions unlike leaders such as Google and Yahoo. works as a gateway to search results on other engines. The portal has a minimalistic design and offers a single search bar where you enter your terms and use the icons on the bottom to initiate a search with your engine of choice. At the time of writing, allows visitors to pull results from Ecosia, Google, DuDuckGo,, Yahoo, Bing, IMDB,, Yandex, Goear, Soundcloud, Wikitionary and OpenStreetMap. There are a few other engines integrated into that are placed in eight categories corresponding to different spheres like computers, hotels, restaurants, networking and transportation.

Evidently, functions as a search hub for users who are interested in taking advantage of more than one search engine. The lack of fancy animations and recommended content might improve the loading speed for and allow for comfortable Internet browsing. However, we have received reports that the site is associated with browser hijacking. Affected users have been vocal about being redirected to automatically. The browser hijacker may have been introduced to computers as a search optimizer and browser add-on via free software packages. In that case, the browser hijacker might have altered the properties of shortcuts used by Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. There are no advertisements at, but the team behind the site can still claim ad revenue thanks to Web traffic from to connected pages. Whenever you search with, the owners may receive a percentage of the ad revenue on the pages you load. The browser hijacker is not perceived as an unsafe app, but it may be used to reroute users to compromised pages. We recommend users deal with the browser hijacker using a credible security tool.