The site is home to presentations on various topics. offers access to free presentations in the sphere of biology, geometry and twenty-six more areas of human knowledge. The owners of support open access to the presentations by showing commercial offers from sponsors. Visitors can use services like Steam, Vkontakte,, Facebook, and LinkedIn to create a profile on and build a playlist of favorite presentations for easy navigation. If you are interested in using for research purposes, you should take into consideration that the site supports only a version in Russian. Web surfers who do not know Russian and have trouble reading Cyrillic are not likely to stay on at for too long.

We have received reports that is associated with a search service hosted on Additionally, is mentioned in several reports of browser hijacking. Researchers looked into and discovered that there is a browser hijacker that is deployed to users by means of software bundling. The browser hijacker is identical to the one we detected when investigating and its clones. Both cases involve hidden pages, clones, and code that redirects users to marketing materials. The service on is powered by a custom-built Google engine published on and named 'karsrch.' However, search queries at may be redirected to promotional pages, and you will not be provided with access to standard Web-apps by Google such as Gmail, Drive, Documents, Translate and Hangouts.

The browser hijacker linked to is designed to generate traffic to partners of and help its owners claim marketing revenue. The search service found on is not likely to provide you the same quality of results as the original Google engine that comes with access to useful Web-apps. Moreover, does not support encryption, and third parties may track your input. You might want to use a reliable anti-spyware tool to scan your system and eradicate unwanted software that can be traced back to