Users who tend to browse untrustworthy websites are likely to come across the page. Thankfully, the site is not linked to the propagation of unsafe software misleading tactics, so you do not need to be concerned about the safety of your data or your computer’s security.

The website may get the attention of users by claiming to contain engaging media that will be of interest to visitors. However, this is not the case, certainly. Instead of providing its visitors with valuable content, the site will attempt to hijack their Web browser notifications. Users that fall for the tricks of the site may end up allowing the website to display Web browser push-notifications. The page will use this to push countless unwanted advertisements on its visitors. Not only is the constant advertisement bombardment irritating, but it also may promote dodgy products and even fake services. This is due to the fact that sites of dubious quality like the page often work with dodgy advertisements companies.

Do not click on any advertisements that the site may be displaying. To stop the website from sending you constant push-notifications, you should revoke the permission given to this shady page using your Web browser settings.