Description is a mostly empty website but don't let that fool you as its only purpose is the propagation of a browser-based scam. There are myriad websites similar to and they all operate in the same way. Through the use of social-engineering tricks, they attempt to lure all unsuspecting visitors into granting them specific browser permission though the 'Allow' button. As a result, and all the other scam websites of this type, will be able to start generating advertisements directly to the screen of the affected device generating revenue for their creators in the process.

Users who land on will be greeted by several fake error or alert messages. No matter what the specific text might be, they will all be worded in a way to entice the visitors into clicking the 'Allow' button. While the most common case is for the scam website to pose as a bot captcha check, various different messages can also be encountered. For example, may also play on the user's curiosity by pretending that an unspecified video is currently buffering accompanied by the text:

'Please tap the Allow button to continue'

Following the instruction will result in starting to generate unsolicited advertisements that could redirect to dubious third-party sites. Closing the browser itself will have little to no effect.

It is recommended to deal with the scam as soon as you notice the first signs of its activity. If your browser has already been affected, reverting it back to its normal state is neither complex nor time-consuming. Simply open its 'Settings' menu, navigate to the 'Permissions' tab, locate the permissions granted to, and remove all of them.