Threat Database Browser Hijackers is an untrusty website and a browser hijacker that displays dubious content to its visitors or redirects them to other similar websites. People usually come to this page because their computers have been infected with some Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP) stealthily, like a browser hijacker or an adware threat. PUPs like these generate intrusive pop-up messages containing corrupted links that redirect to pages like Some users also get redirected to this website because they have clicked on a questionable banner or ad on sites involved in a similar online scheme.

When someone visits, the page first checks the visitor's IP address to determine the user's geolocation. Then, it undertakes one of its programmed actions – it either displays questionable advertising content that leads to potentially harmful online resources or redirects the user to sponsored third-party websites directly.

PUPs usually spread through a method called 'bundling' – they are included within the installation package of popular freeware. In any case, such tools should not be tolerated on a computer, as many of them also have features that allow them to collect the users' data, which can create severe privacy issues for affected users.


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