Description is a questionable search engine website that may seem to be a genuine and protected search system. In reality, is linked to browser hijackers and adware that may result in annoying browser diversions to questionable websites incorporating and other websites similar to it. may affect your Web browser no matter if it is Google Chrome, Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox. If a computer and a Web browser have been contaminated with any security infections associated with, the search results in any legitimate search provider may get rerouted to commercial websites that may display random pop-up ads and banners or ads and banners that match the PC user's browsing habits. Browser hijackers and adware linked to may substitute the default start page and search engine with, or open it in a new tab page. Even if the PC user strives to restore them, may emerge on the screen again. will not give PC users any safe and trustworthy search results connected with their searches. Any browser hijackers and adware that may be leading to the forced redirects to should be removed if the computer users want to stop them. Also, computer users may need to reset their browser settings to block from opening in their Web browser.