The domain is associated with a search service and a program featuring the generic name ‘Search Assist’ that is developed by The domain is part of an advertising platform managed by The company behind works with targeted advertising and advertising networks. and the ‘Search Assist’ program are used to deliver sponsored search results, extended keyword suggestions and personalized media to Web surfers. PC users may install ‘Search Assist’ by when handling free software bundles with the ‘Express’ and ‘Standard’ option. You may install Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUPs) via software bundles, and you may end up with occupying your homepage, new tab and search suggestions.

The ‘Search Assist’ software may be promoted to the users as the ultimate tool to “automatically offer popular search terms and new topics to consider.” However, many users may perceive the ‘Search Assist’ application as a browser hijacker since it changes the default homepage, your new tab and adds search suggestions by without notifying the users properly. You may want to know that does not produce search results across Web browsers reliably. We loaded generic search terms into using Opera, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Edge and Mozilla Firefox. The ‘Search Assist’ application was found to load correctly only in Google Chrome, as well as generate somewhat adequate search results. Unfortunately, shows information only in text form; there are no image and video filters for the content that may be of interest to you. did not produce search results in Opera and Mozilla Firefox during our tests. Microsoft Edge had trouble displaying the same way it appears in Google Chrome, and there were no search results there either. Power Web users might not find, and the ‘Search Assist’ application by useful particularly and may wish to remove related software from their Web browser. We should add that has clones at and that you might want to avoid.


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