Threat Database Browser Hijackers

By GoldSparrow in Browser Hijackers

The pop-up windows that you may think are offering an update to the Adobe Flash Player should not be trusted. The domain is not operated by a company managed by the Adobe Systems Inc. The pop-ups are generated by a browser hijacking application on your machine, and may welcome you to install a rogue registry cleaner such as Real Registry Cleaner. The IP address of reveals that this domain may be related to several adware apparitions including CouponTime and Daily Deal Shopper. Needless to say, users should not download and install the proposed 'Video Player Update' offered by The browser hijacker may use system dialog boxes to make users think that their Windows OS is suggesting the program update. The browser hijacker may crash your browser when you visit sites like Vimeo and YouTube and display the 'Video Player Update' pop-up to urge you to install the proposed software.

You should not be fooled by the promise of a playlist support, zoom and slow motion functionality offered with the 'video update' from Security researchers report that the program installer promoted on the domain contains adware like FlashMail and rePrice. The updates to the Adobe Flash Player that are offered on are not legitimate and may hijack your system resource for Bitcoin mining. The browser hijacker may run as a portable program on the svchost.exe host process of Windows and may not appear on the 'Programs and Features' panel. Do not install fake updates on your systems to avoid security issues and employ the services of a reliable anti-malware shield to mitigate the risk of unsigned applications being installed on your OS.


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