is home to a spin-off of the popular 'Please press Allow to Continue' tactic. The people behind websites like this one want to trick users into clicking a button that would command their Web browser to enable the notifications of an intrusive website. is just the same, but there is one major change – it uses a new variant of the tactic, which lies to users by telling them they have won a new iPhone X. However, claiming the prize is mandatory, and it can be done by pressing 'Allow.' As you can probably conjecture, doing this will not help you fetch an iPhone X and, instead, it will enable's notifications.

If this change is allowed to happen, may gain the ability to flood your Web browser with intrusive notifications whose contents are not always trustworthy. The websites engaging in this scheme may often abuse browser notifications to display paid ads promoting fraudulent products, services and pages. It is recommended to avoid the links found in the notifications.

If your Web browsing experience is being interrupted by the notifications of, then you should look at your browser's settings and try to disable's permissions.


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