The domain is utilized by adware that is programmed to present users with a pop-up window loaded with promotional materials. The pop-up by is generated by adware on your PC that may be integrated with your web browser. The adware related to may appear as a Browser Helper Object, an add-on and a browser extension depending on the web applications you have installed on your system. The content displayed on the pop-up may feature updates for software on your PC but you may want to avoid downloading it. You may wish to know that the IP address of is associated with the deployment of several computer threats such as WebCake, BrowserFox and Search Protect. Adware is not known for providing safe online resources and visiting suspicious web locations may result in the installation of potentially harmful software. The adware may have entered your system by tagging along with a free software installer that you may have installed via the 'Typical' or 'Express' option. A trustworthy anti-spyware tool can help you halt pop-ups by and clean your PC.