The website is a fake page that aims to propagate various shady applications and online schemes.

Some users report that upon visiting the site, they were displayed with a pop-up window claiming to be a security alert from the ‘Windows Defender Security Center.’ The alert would state that there are various threats present on the user’s system. The fake pop-up also would claim that the user needs to take care of these issues ASAP, or they risk further damage to their system. Of course, this is a social engineering trick designed to pressure and intimidate users into complying with the demands of the conmen. Fortunately, none of the information presented by this fake pop-up is real. No website can determine the state of your system’s health and safety safely. Do not trust any website that claims to be able to do so since they are likely running a low-level tactic. Often, websites like the page aim at propagating fake anti-malware solutions or costly, useless tech support services.

If a website is displaying pop-ups that claim to have detected a threat on your system, simply ignore the alerts and exit the page as it is not likely to host any valuable content. Make sure your system is protected by a genuine anti-virus software suite that will ensure the safety of your data and your machine.


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