Threat Database Browser Hijackers is suspicious website designed to promote shady content and collect various information related to users' browsing activities. People usually do not visit websites like intentionally. Rather, a Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP) that has infected their computes launches them automatically in a new browser window or tab each time they surf on the Internet. Depending on the user's geolocation, either opens several other untrusty pages or displays its dubious promotional content to its visitors directly.

Also, malware actors use pages like this to get user permission to deliver advertising notifications straight to users' computers. That is accomplished through a popular social engineering trick. When users visit, the website displays a message that they need to click on an "Allow" button to confirm that they are not robots and continue its actual content. You should never allow browser notifications from such pages as any messages generated by them could be infected with unsafe scripts.

If pop-ups appear on your screen anyways, please check your system for PUPs. PUPs should be removed immediately, as they have various harmful features, like collecting personal and browsing data, infecting systems with malware, and redirecting online search queries to unsafe pages and services.


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