Threat Database Browser Hijackers

By Domesticus in Browser Hijackers Image is a tricky website and online search system, which adds a long list of malicious websites designed by cybercriminals with an aim to earn money and raise traffic. is related to malware threats such browser hijackers and rootkits that involve ZeroAccess rootkit, Google Results Hijacker and Google Redirect Hijacker. If malware threats related to take you to this fraudulent website and corrupt a PC system, the infected web browser won't accept any queries in its search bar. Actually, you might be able to open any web page requested, but will occur unexpectedly. Your search results on Google and other major search engines will be redirected to malicious websites including Malware threats associated with may also slow down your computer and display unwanted pop-up ads. You should remove browser hijackers and rootkits linked to, if infected, and block rootkits and from opening in your web browser by changing your browser settings.


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