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The website is home to a question and answer service similar to Wiki Answers or Yahoo Answers. Althouh it seems that's quality is lacking compared to its biggest competitors, this website seems to attract plenty of visitors. Unfortunately, it seems that most of's traffic is provided by browser hijackers. Even though does not seem to host malware, has become a very common landing page for many browser hijackers. Because of this, it is important to scan your system with a reliable anti-malware solution if your web browser redirects you to against your will.

How Criminals Force You to Visit

Apart from its common questions and answers format, also seems to contain basic search functions, quizzes, and even offers prizes to its visitors. However, visitors to the website will often experience various symptoms commonly associated with browser-hijacking malware. Some symptoms of malware include the following:

  1. Browser hijackers associated can change the infected web browser's home page and even lock them to prevent the victim from reverting them to their normal setting.
  2. Computer users that are victims of these kinds of infections will find that they are directed to randomly after trying to visit other websites. These redirects can also occur in the form of pop-up windows and links to embedded in what would otherwise be plain text content.
  3. You may also find popping up in your web browsers bookmarks, favorite websites and default search engines without your authorization.
  4. It is also important to note that malware typically causing redirects to websites like will often cause various problems with your computer system's performance. These include a slow connection speed, frequent crashes, general system instability, and the appearance of other malware threats on your computer system.
  5. It is very important to ensure that your security software is fully updated. Various different kinds of browser hijackers have been linked to the website, so it is a good measure to run a complete scan of your hard drives with an updated anti-malware tool. It is also fundamental to note that some browser hijackers associated with can include a rootkit component that is not always detectable by popular anti-malware programs. If you find that symptoms persist even though your anti-malware software fails to find a problem, it may be necessary to update or change your anti-malware program, or to use a specialized anti-rootkit tool to check for problems.

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