The domain corresponds to the IP address and appears to offer Web surfers a customized Google search service. Regular PC users reported cases of browser hijacking associated with in June 2018. A closer examination of revealed that the search functionality is implemented in several clones with different names. Also, there appears to be a browser extension for Google Chrome that is called 'Beam Search,' and its function is to make the default search requests handler and new tab replacement. The same appears to be valid for several clones of that support their versions of the same browser extension.

Free software bundles may be used to disperse the 'Beam Search' application to users and reroute Web search requests to sponsored search results. The 'Beam Search' application may record the user's Internet history, downloads, and clicks on advertisements to help the company behind push targeted commercials to your browser. may suggest users explore personalized marketing materials and list interests so that it can produce better search results. PC users who have installed the 'Beam Search' application may notice that the Omnibox generates auto-complete search results by and may experience unwanted redirects. The domain may not offer the best search experience, and the 'Beam Search' application may be marked as a Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP) by security scanners. A short list of clones we found at the IP address can be found below:

  • 4-search[.]com '4search'
  • 5-search[.]com '5search'
  • birdfinds[.]com 'birdfinds'
  • find.webrowsenow[.]com 'We browse now'
  • fluxsearch[.]com 'FLUX'
  • quivisi[.]com 'Quivisi'
  • rapid-find[.]net 'Rapid find'
  • search.topspeedmotors[.]co 'Top Speed motors'
  • search33[.]co 'Search thirty three'


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