Basicseek Virus

By LoneStar in Browser Hijackers

Basicseek Virus is a browser hijacker that is pushed through numerous downloads and can enter the corrupted PC when computer users are downloading free applications from the web. Basicseek Virus changes the hijacked Internet browser's settings and leads to continuous diversions to dubious websites that may distribute other malware infections on the infected computer. Basicseek Virus modifies the default search engine and default homepage to, which does not offer trustworthy search results, and instead, incorporates numerous supported websites. was designed by scammers to raise traffic and make money from the pay-per-click technique used by attackers on bogus pop-up ads shown on this tricky website. Basicseek Virus grabs information about the victimized web user's online activity. Basicseek Virus traces what websites the target PC user is visiting and later uses this data for marketing campaigns.


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