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Despite its name, is not a real search engine. This fake search engine belongs to an online scam that has become quite prevalent in the last couple of years. There's been a large number of reports of malware attacks that result in computer users being directed to constantly, usually after carrying out an online search on Google or other reliable search engines. If this is happening to you, this means that your PC was infected by a browser hijacker, a malware infection created to appropriate the victim's web browser and then force it to visit malicious websites like This scam is not too complicated; criminals use websites similar to to force computer users to receive advertisements and a stream of spam results. They pretend to be search engines for several reasons: first, computer users tend to ignore the browser hijacker infection if the redirects are occurring from what seems one search engine to another. The second reason, however, is the fact that can use the victim's search to be certain that the advertisements are visited and clicked, generating more revenue for the criminals behind this illegal business venture.

Most computer users are forced to use, rather than using this website on their own free will. After acquiring a browser hijacker from an online source (usually from an attack website or a corrupted download), the victim's web browser will end up visiting repeatedly. Usually, this hijack occurs after the victim tries to carry out a search on Google or other real search engines. This is where the browser hijacker kicks in, changing search results in order that they link to instead of taking the victim to the website corresponding to that particular result.

Since inexperienced computer users are not likely to notice that something is wrong, they may end up simply trying out again. Browser hijackers associated with are not linked to a particular web browser, instead fundamentally altering how your computer goes online. Because of this, ESG malware analysts do not recommend reinstalling your web browser, but instead recommends using a reliable anti-malware program to remove any malware associated with redirects.


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