Threat Database Browser Hijackers

By GoldSparrow in Browser Hijackers

The site is flagged as a phishing domain by several leading Web filters that include Quttera, Websense Web Filter and Google Safe Browsing. Most users would avoid sites like unless they want to see what a phishing site looks like. The content of the page is tailored to look like a program window suggesting you to install a safe update to Java. Moreover, the domain is associated with a browser hijacker that may land on your PC as a browser add-on. The browser hijacker may close your browser at set intervals and show a pop-up notification of a new version of Java that you need to install. You need to know that Oracle Corp. is not partnering with the operators of to deliver patches and updates to its Java RE and Java SDK products. The fake updates on may contain harmful software such as CryptoWall, Antivirii 2011 and RespectSale.

Computer users should be mindful of the origin of updates and patches that they are welcomed to install because they may cause system errors and make your Windows inoperable. The browser hijacker may detect your hardware and software configuration to show promotional materials related to your system specs. You need to keep in mind that the pop-ups from may feature links to harmful domains. The pop-ups may cover your screen to attract your attention, and your clicks may initiate a drive-by download of an installer named JavaInstallerUpdate. As stated before, the software promoted on does not come from Oracle Corp., is not digitally signed and may contain harmful programs. Security authorities recommend users to install a reputable anti-malware application to eradicate the browser hijacker and improve their cyber security.


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