The website is among the countless bogus pages online that do not offer any valuable content to their visitors. The operators of this dodgy Web page have created it for one purpose only – to hijack users’ Web browser notifications. The creators of the website generate cash by using their visitors’ Web browser notifications to bombard them with unwanted advertisements. Users are advised against engaging with any of the advertisements pushed by the site as they may be pushing low-quality products or bogus services.

Users who visit the site will be asked to confirm their age and will be presented with a fake prompt. The page requires visitors to click on the ‘Allow’ button in order to confirm that they are not underage. However, clicking the ‘Allow’ button would permit the dodgy website to display Web browser notifications. Since users are asked to confirm that they are 18+, it is likely that they may have been tricked into visiting the site because it appeared to be an adult entertainment platform.

Do not allow the site to display Web browser notifications, as it will reduce your browsing quality by bombarding you with advertisements. If you have already permitted this shady page to display notifications, you can revoke that via your Web browser settings.