Backdoor:Win32/Votwup.B Description

Backdoor:Win32/Votwup.B is a dangerous backdoor Trojan which uses malicious tricks to download hazardous malware infections from the web. The activities of Backdoor:Win32/Votwup.B may certainly cause a violation of your privacy and the information collected on your computer. Backdoor:Win32/Votwup.B can change your system settings and registry values. Backdoor:Win32/Votwup.B can help hackers to execute a lot of operations such as log keystrokes, steal data, change or delete files. Backdoor:Win32/Votwup.B should be removed once detected to keep your computer clean and protected.

Technical Information

File System Details

Backdoor:Win32/Votwup.B creates the following file(s):
# File Name Detection Count
1 %Windir%\system\gmfill.exe N/A
2 %Windir%\system\ddid N/A

Registry Details

Backdoor:Win32/Votwup.B creates the following registry entry or registry entries:
Darkness = ""%Windir%\system\gmfill.exe""