Backdoor:Win32/Qakbot!lnk Description

Type: Backdoors

Backdoor:Win32/Qakbot!lnk is a backdoor Trojan that propagates as a harmful shortcut file that exploits the vulnerability described in CVE-2010-2568 and resolved with the release of Microsoft Security Bulletin MS10-046. Backdoor:Win32/Qakbot!lnk corrupts the attacked PC with other malware infections. The harmful shortcut file that is set in network shares has a randomly-generated name. If a computer user accesses the network share from a PC that is vulnerable to the issue described in MS10-046, the computer may become affected by more malware infections.

Technical Information

File System Details

Backdoor:Win32/Qakbot!lnk creates the following file(s):
# File Name MD5 Detection Count
1 0f9b79ee59a1acf1505def3906c3c722 0f9b79ee59a1acf1505def3906c3c722 0
2 8ffbadcd014d8c513f20cef7948f7322 8ffbadcd014d8c513f20cef7948f7322 0
3 82d648c62a9691c755f8296cd3d0d4ec 82d648c62a9691c755f8296cd3d0d4ec 0
4 b5114026300dc1cd9f03ca698abf6ccb b5114026300dc1cd9f03ca698abf6ccb 0
5 ae2f4744d7901783987dc128162b2973 ae2f4744d7901783987dc128162b2973 0

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