Backdoor: Win32/Kirts.A

Backdoor: Win32/Kirts.A Description

Type: Backdoors

PC users that are presented with a security alert involving the Backdoor: Win32/Kirts.A should not overlook the detection. The Backdoor: Win32/Kirts.A malware is a Backdoor-Trojan that may be used by a third-party to deploy threats on your machine and compromise the security of networks you are part of. The Kirts Backdoor-Trojan has many versions that are labeled following the model Backdoor: Win32/Kirts.[letter indicating a new version]. The Backdoor-Trojans in the Backdoor: Win32/Kirts family of threats are packed as batch files (.BAT file extension) and are loaded with a CMD script that is used to issue commands to the Windows core directly. The Backdoor: Win32/Kirts malware may be spread among users via spam mail, and you should not download and open RAR files that are attached to spam emails. The Backdoor: Win32/Kirts.A malware is designed to connect to remote servers and download CAB files with additional binary and instructions.

The Backdoor: Win32/Kirts.A malware may open ports on your system to enable its operations, and network administrators may wish to make sure that their firewall is filtering all connections. The Kirts Backdoor-Trojan may use ports 80, 23, 119, 411,412, 591 and 6881 to download malware and allow remote access to your system. The Kirts cyber threat may install a corrupted digital certificate on your OS to bypass code signing policies and modify your file system without raising alarms. The Kirts Backdoor-Trojan may use the files puwuladrur.bat, and mscoree.dll to support its activity and run from the Temp directory on the Windows partition. The Kirts Backdoor-Trojan utilizes code injection to hide its operations and is hard to detect with basic run-time analysis. Security analysts note that the variants of Backdoor: Win32/Kirts may be identified as Gen:Variant.Zusy.189561, MSIL/Injector.OZF and Trojan.Win32.IRCbot.aanp. A trusted anti-malware suite can clean computers that are infected with the Backdoor: Win32/Kirts malware and prevent unauthorized access.

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File System Details

Backdoor: Win32/Kirts.A creates the following file(s):
# File Name MD5 Detection Count
1 windrv.exe 28d296c7d96eb576fc91efd3e98d284c 40
2 system.pif 7219807ecbd2eed997ad4873dbd2bef8 9
3 file.exe d1f2ef4fb056ec1ab0a8c6a4b3cd5055 0

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