Threat Database Trojans Backdoor.Win32.Fynloski


By ZulaZuza in Trojans

Backdoor.Win32.Fynloski is a dangerous Trojan horse that could open up a PC to an outside attacker. Backdoor.Win32.Fynloski may result in theft of online login credentials in addition to other data stored on the hard drive of an infected PC. Other threats have been known to be downloaded through the Backdoor.Win32.Fynloski parasite. To eliminate the threat of Backdoor.Win32.Fynloski it is best to utilize a trusted spyware removal tool to safely detect and completely remove Backdoor.Win32.Fynloski.

Registry Details

Backdoor.Win32.Fynloski may create the following registry entry or registry entries:
SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\RunServices "AdobeReaderPro"
Software\Microsoft\OLE "AdobeReaderPro"


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