Backdoor.SDBot Description

Backdoor.SDBot is a Trojan virus. Once installed on the computer, Backdoor.SDBot will allow remote attackers to control the compromised machine through the IRC network. Backdoor.SDBot also includes a self-updating feature and opens a large security vulnerability on the system. Backdoor.SDBot is a serious threat to personal and financial information.

Aliases: W32/Cryp_PESpin.U!tr [Fortinet], Trojan.Win32.Generic.12863C73, TR/Dldr.Banload.ins [AntiVir], Packer.PESpin!IK, Gen:Packer.PESpin.A.Bu0aaud@4lmG [BitDefender], Win32.TRDldr.Banload [eSafe], Generic.evx!u [McAfee], BackDoor.Generic15.BRNV [AVG],,, Backdoor/Win32.Iroffer.gen [Antiy-AVL], Backdoor/Iroffer.qx, Heuristic.BehavesLike.Win32.Suspicious-BAY.K [McAfee-GW-Edition], BDS/ [AntiVir] and Backdoor.Win32.Iroffer.

Technical Information

File System Details

Backdoor.SDBot creates the following file(s):
# File Name Size MD5 Detection Count
1 E:\Recopilacion seguridad\Dvd 2\Pack Español - Castellano Actualizacion SERVICE PACK 2 (SP2) PARA Nero6603 + Nero Visio Express 30114\Nero\Keygen.exe\Keygen.exe 137,216 6009bea4c310ed64cf37b1eed3c0cf7e 57
2 %WINDIR%windows7addon.exe 80,384 a1ebfd1a74944f877e0510dd7065ddd5 28
3 C:\Program Files (x86)\Total Commander Podarok Edition\Programm\Instruments\instruments.exe\instruments.exe 600,064 89bc4cad011531178e67fbadf2688db2 14
4 %WINDIR%\system32\wsnhost.exe 929,792 1f4696c8b7dd670f99c446e56a9959f8 8
5 %COMMONPROGRAMFILES%\systems\SysWindows.exe 168,027 efe365092207f2a60243ed3aa2111fff 2
6 %WINDIR%\system32\sr32\sr32.exe 324,187 f5d66d9a0146464006278e31562d0af9 2
7 %WINDIR%\system32\install\winhelp.exe 431,104 9d4329ba92f04b65dbcaa8c0f0286337 1
8 %WINDIR%\Help\Help\goh.exe 450,410 132b0e7db609ba5cf81574bde24dcdac 1
9 winsystem.exe 33,792 c3dca9f74cec5a2ee31ae1a8d084906b 0
10 330.exe 24,064 00765050b56fc8687e22262746d699c1 0
11 mslsrv32.exe 51,200 3abd65c102fc2e00a52824ccec438673 0
12 ~2.exe, Explorer .exe 12,832 55b5ff64f9be0550dce1c706e4062c8d 0
13 libsysmgr.exe 97,795 e343dc2d74a99cf5a584075d81173111 0
14 atlah.exe 9,216 07b4650663e4812b1576081697f4d7ce 0
15 wupdmgr.dll 4,096 5fc0642bdacc702470e444de2d744f37 0
16 ~4.exe 12,832 6baed5ccc533405f791e413de7b569ad 0
17 video.exe 311,296 4681158d61ad281a48a6d6555b9bae80 0
18 rdfhost.exe 1,171,456 6bce0ad05a648d0c271f93f2e7cb4abd 0
19 mslsrv.exe 78,848 94b6d3cf260f2521be750377075b4d4f 0
20 msdriver32.exe 57,344 356139aa2bf83931531567661310aebe 0
21 smss.exe 40,960 6e2c471b84ba878bcd6383d9ef57f3a7 0
22 lsass.exe 38,749 5b224a4d2f2597e5d945e23611117f24 0
23 csrss.exe 335,872 6b13a249cf1020bb495902fa886e6c06 0
24 msath32.exe 57,344 8cff51b6365043947a158a2a285ba4e1 0
25 winnet32.exe 553,472 94e983df8439fafc48180d487663bf5f 0
More files

Registry Details

Backdoor.SDBot creates the following registry entry or registry entries:
Run keys
Microsoft Update
Windows Explorer

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