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By GoldSparrow in Backdoors

Padpin (Backdoor.Padpin) is a dangerous backdoor Trojan horse that is susceptible to targeting ATM machines (Automated Teller Machines) in an effort to steal pin numbers. The Backdoor.Padpin threat may be loaded onto a system without any indication to the user or administrator. Once installed, usually through a questionable source or other bundled applications, Padpin may then run in the background while going undetected. The actions performed by Padpin are usually done in the background as to not notify the computer user of its existence. It may also mask as other system files as to further limit detection. A remote attacker may utilize the Backdoor.Padpin threat to infiltrate an infected computer and then steal any data it may have collected or information stored on the system’s hard drive. Other actions of Padpin specific to ATMs is that it could dispense money from a compromised ATM or even disable the local network that triggers an alarm to authorities when it detects tampering. The Backdoor.Padpin threat is extremely mischievous and may be one that is utilized by banking thieves who have the proper know-how to attack ATM machines at banking institutions. Detection and remove of Padpin may be accomplished through use of an updated antimalware application, which may be done on personal computers, which are susceptible to the same Backdoor.Padpin threat.


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