Backdoor:MSIL/Bladabindi.AJ Description

The Backdoor:MSIL/Bladabindi.AJ malware falls in the category of backdoor trojans that malicious actors use to acquire access to computer systems. The Backdoor:MSIL/Bladabindi.AJ trojan is deployed in spam emails and via fake Adobe Flash Player updates on suspicious software centers. The signature of Backdoor:MSIL/Bladabindi.AJ is that it places its main executable in the Application Data folder under the name of 'flashplayerplugin.exe'. Additionally, the Backdoor:MSIL/Bladabindi.AJ trojan registers a file named 'ec75da55df7bc76b2f5430df05849464.exe' at Windows Registry as a startup program. The Backdoor:MSIL/Bladabindi.AJ trojan is designed to run in the background of infected systems and provide its handlers with uninterrupted access to your computer. The Backdoor:MSIL/Bladabindi.AJ trojan could be used to install viruses and ransomware like Smallrk and KRIPTOVOR on your PC silently. Also, the Backdoor:MSIL/Bladabindi.AJ trojan may be used to steal files from your hard drive like photos, videos, documents and password hashes. Backdoor:MSIL/Bladabindi.AJ may be used by malicious agents to record your screen and hijack your social media profiles and should not be underestimated. You may want to remember that the legitimate Adobe Flash Player software installs its files in the Program Files folder, and Google Chrome has it built-in. Therefore, if you see 'flashplayerplugin.exe' in the Application Data folder you are most likely infected with the Backdoor:MSIL/Bladabindi.AJ trojan. You can seek the help of a renowned anti-malware solution to scan your OS for Backdoor:MSIL/Bladabindi.AJ and reinforce your cyber defenses.