Backdoor.Kerlisen Description

Backdoor.Kerlisen is a backdoor Trojan that opens a back door on the compromised PC. Once run, Backdoor.Kerlisen may download the infected files. Backdoor.Kerlisen then opens a back door on the vulnerable computer, permitting a cybercriminal to execute harmful actions, such as run remote commands, set up a HTTP proxy, set up a sniffer, and embed different payloads. Backdoor.Kerlisen can harm data on the infected computer and even the PC. Backdoor.Kerlisen may decrease the PC's security and stability. Backdoor.Kerlisen may also reduce the PC's performance. Backdoor.Kerlisen may violate the affected computer user's privacy and security. Backdoor.Kerlisen may gather personal information on the corrupted PC and transmit it to a remote cybercriminal.

Technical Information

File System Details

Backdoor.Kerlisen creates the following file(s):
# File Name Detection Count
1 %System%\drivers\BTHSERV.Sys N/A
2 %System%\drivers\Processr.sys N/A
3 %System%\drivers\sdstor.sys N/A
4 %System%\drivers\wlbsctrl.dll N/A
5 %System%\drivers\fsDriver.sys N/A
6 %System%\drivers\nbistapi.sys N/A
7 %System%\drivers\wd.sys N/A
8 %System%\drivers\wuacult.sys N/A
9 %System%\drivers\dumpeta.sys N/A
10 %System%\drivers\butedger.sys N/A
11 %System%\drivers\vmartmg.sys N/A
12 %System%\drivers\sqldpas.sys N/A