Backdoor.Jeetrat Description

Backdoor.Jeetrat is a backdoor Trojan that opens a back door on the corrupted PC, steals information, and may distribute other malware infections. Backdoor.Jeetrat may propagate as a harmful spam email attachment. Backdoor.Jeetrat was produced in Java and can be launched on a number of OSs, which involve Windows, Mac OS and Linux. Backdoor.Jeetrat opens a back door on the targeted PC and connects to the URL Backdoor.Jeetrat can be built with a kit and can be set up to access any URL. Backdoor.Jeetrat may perform a variety of damaging actions on the affected computer system. Backdoor.Jeetrat takes screenshots, accesses the file system to read, write, or delete files, drops and runs files, visits web addresses in the Internet browser, shuts down the PC, runs arbitrary commands, logs out accounts and initiates network floods to a distant target.