BackDoor.IRC.Aryan.1 Description

Type: Backdoors

The BackDoor.IRC.Aryan.1 Trojan is a malware infection that allows criminals to take over a computer system, integrate it into a botnet, and then use it to carry out DDoS attacks along with thousands of other infected computer systems. Criminals can coordinate many infected computers by sending out commands via Internet Relay Chat (IRC) protocol from an automated Command and Control Center. BackDoor.IRC.Aryan.1, also known as an IRC bot (due to the fact that BackDoor.IRC.Aryan.1 turns the infected computer system into a 'bot' that is under the criminals' control), also has some worm-like capabilities. For example, BackDoor.IRC.Aryan.1 can copy itself to any drives and shared folders detected on the victim's computer system. By exploiting an autorun file, BackDoor.IRC.Aryan.1 can infect a computer as soon as the infected drive is connected or the shared folder is accessed. BackDoor.IRC.Aryan.1 has also been observed to replace files with shortcuts leading to a folder containing BackDoor.IRC.Aryan.1, resulting in that BackDoor.IRC.Aryan.1 runs automatically even if other files or folders are accessed. Whenever BackDoor.IRC.Aryan.1 manages to infect a new drive or computer system, BackDoor.IRC.Aryan.1 can notify its creators via IRC.

Understanding Why BackDoor.IRC.Aryan.1 is Particularly Dangerous

ESG malware researchers consider that BackDoor.IRC.Aryan.1 is extremely dangerous to an infected computer. This malware infection has the capacity to download and install other malware onto the victim's computer, also serving as a gateway for a large-scale malware attack. The presence of BackDoor.IRC.Aryan.1 on a computer is doubly dangerous because BackDoor.IRC.Aryan.1 is not only dangerous to that computer's user. Botnets made up of thousands of infected computers pose a danger to computer users everywhere due to the fact that an infected computer can be used to attack websites by overloading them with requests (known as a DDoS attack), send out spam email, or aid in trafficking child pornography, launder money, or carry out other illegal operations.

BackDoor.IRC.Aryan.1 works by injecting itself into legitimate Windows file processes, ensuring that BackDoor.IRC.Aryan.1 runs automatically whenever Windows starts up. This dangerous malware infection can also protect itself. It will constantly confirm that its file has not been deleted and can download and re-install it if it is deleted. It does the same for its malicious entries in the Windows Registry. Because of this, removing this infection manually is not as effective as automatic removal with a reliable anti-malware tool.

Technical Information

File System Details

BackDoor.IRC.Aryan.1 creates the following file(s):
# File Name MD5 Detection Count
1 svmhost.exe N/A
2 autorun.inf file N/A
3 file.exe 920e45199d7a8b165f408ba4646c6dc6 0
4 load.exe 0ec4e9986a3a90a86429b845451dc2d8 0
More files

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