Backdoor.Hupigon.ise Description

Type: Backdoors

Backdoor.Hupigon.ise is a nasty Trojan classified as backdoor. Backdoor.Hupigon.ise usually spreads through browser security holes and via spam email attachments. Once executed, Backdoor.Hupigon.ise gives an attacker full, unfettered access to your computer and any data stored on it. The intruder then may download, upload and run random files, control your computer and retrieve user sensitive information, including financial data as well. Backdoor.Hupigon.ise has the ability to download and install other spyware. Backdoor.Hupigon.ise is configured to run on every Windows startup automatically. We recommend to get rid of Backdoor.Hupigon.ise as soon as it has been detected.

Technical Information

File System Details

Backdoor.Hupigon.ise creates the following file(s):
# File Name MD5 Detection Count
1 setup.exe 7298fa36a8ca4dffa1b901fc126040b9 0
2 server.exe, Kernel32.exe f885e2a5fa5b98933ca6e8ce226f3ec7 0
3 Server2007.DLL 2b48b0f4869b61aab7013008a9a65b6f 0
4 ServerHooK.DLL 345cd8d847a4f0e9b38ab57679a52eb7 0
5 huster.exe 674a8703bc27f9e2bf74424aa908f040 0
6 malware.exe, Server2007.exe 07ec3a35ca4f009dd73216099d458d1c 0
7 nerocheck.exe d8163e5ee365262c9402a543ef413909 0
More files

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