Backdoor:Win32/Fynloski.A Description

Type: Backdoors

Backdoor:Win32/Fynloski.A is a Windows platform backdoor Trojan that can secretly infiltrate a targeted machine. Once inside a machine, Backdoor:Win32/Fynloski.A will give a remote attacker access and control over it, putting a victim's private information at risk. Backdoor:Win32/Fynloski.A may also download additional malware which will deteriorate the performance of a compromised system and make it vulnerable to other attacks.


15 security vendors flagged this file as malicious.

Anti-Virus Software Detection
Panda Trj/OCJ.E
AVG Generic8_c.DBX
Fortinet W32/Autoit.BBW!tr
AntiVir BDS/Fynloski.A.493
DrWeb Trojan.PWS.Skyper.21
Kaspersky Trojan.Win32.Autoit.bbw
Avast AutoIt:Injector-BI
McAfee Artemis!D5D47266A426
Fortinet W32/DarkKomet.XKN!tr.bdr
DrWeb Trojan.AVKill.21448
Kaspersky Backdoor.Win32.DarkKomet.xkn
AVG Generic8_c.DSF
McAfee Artemis!107C98797FCD

Technical Information

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File System Details

Backdoor:Win32/Fynloski.A creates the following file(s):
# File Name MD5 Detection Count
1 vbc.exe 461be3d4b2730a280756368d02a1d4c7 9
2 help.exe 9bd73e9fe3e66ebb75c8f4a8667fab9a 6
3 Windows Update.exe 27c3dab4bee42ee865d7ecf39ca779f4 6
4 jusched.exe d5d47266a426a6aafc42b44e63c2f87b 6
5 JadencidePasswordCracker.exe d1210ac7f435f88961b6ce74ecbbbc66 4
6 Coverage life out.exe 139610d9782faed894dc1241349a542e 4
7 test.exe 47c66a5fd3dd2775090ef4f55a851e04 4
8 taskmanagsystem.exe a753e59cc25f122411d32d56f12e0e2c 3
9 IMDCSC.exe cd92399d9ce8715c54d6f0a9e23caaa2 3
10 AppleV.exe 293041989a016e0f33c383493171f20e 3
11 windefender.exe d881cd21ad7a570a7cb80e153f927250 3
12 wdinder.exe 4da04a0babe252f46dc8c9471c659254 3
13 18.exe fa1c6bda77d31b8d8607b1e77df89077 3
14 Ccg.exe 691b1a0d6ef68fe060c1b2be552cbbdc 2
15 Vitalsystems.exe 0c2e7a13413786803195df3383f1bbca 2
16 tmpF612.tmp.exe 891c354cdbccdde7f6e5d59b3a05dc50 2
17 jwupdate.exe d1fbad7605d69696cc3d903240d28876 2
18 SystemUpdate.exe ba1eb267622881fa2883728ac5edc754 2
19 winini.exe cc9097e80bf4972da4ea6d709b5f9e5d 2
20 s5kkVFlCRi.exe 6ce3838ae3afb2b5646ea2adde96a2df 2
21 regedit.exe 22c59d58c72d08006570845ded03671a 2
22 Googleupdate.exe 7aaf4ebedd9436c5ad4a7eae64ddbad5 2
23 233361321524196.exe 107c98797fcdff6c1e5bdc8ce9a25631 2
24 vfnws.exe 922217c73db3cedb750ae07995ffbc4f 1
25 SVwNpWEBNiUdJyDLsz.exe 7cde421e91546994462a86eb0119d250 1
26 0019d3d1.exe 02d6d5629c636ec287a05d43025cb28d 1
27 panmap.exe b3c097ded102c7c1f3b3998a7f28c08d 1
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