Backdoorwin32cycbot.b Description

Backdoorwin32cycbot.b is a Windows platform backdoor Trojan. Backdoorwin32cycbot.b is able to enter a system without a user's permission or knowledge. Once inside a system, Backdoorwin32cycbot.b will allow remote attackers access to the system. Backdoorwin32cycbot.b will also download more infections onto the system making it vulnerable to other attacks. Backdoorwin32cycbot.b is a computer threat that is advisable to remove upon detection.

Aliases: Backdoor.Gbot, Win32.Troj.Generic.(kcloud), Backdoor/Gbot.lbb, Gen:Variant.Kazy.51620 (B), BDS/Gbot.qwmva [AntiVir], TrojWare.Win32.Kryptik.YAK [Comodo], Backdoor.Gbot!/6E7tgcfFEI, Backdoor.Win32.Gbot.qwm [Kaspersky], Trojan.Gbot-5255 [ClamAV], TROJ_GEN.RC1H1A4, Win32/Gbot.F!generic, Cycbot.FB, W32/Goolbot.P.gen!Eldorado [F-Prot], Trojan.Win32.Gbot.tughe and Trojan.Dropper.PE4.

Technical Information

File System Details

Backdoorwin32cycbot.b creates the following file(s):
# File Name Size MD5 Detection Count
1 %APPDATA%\98FB6\D71E9.exe 169,472 a5464a8b1c87c5334c64fda0a440821c 64
2 %PROGRAMFILES%\Internet Explorer\43A0\B95.exe 173,568 ebfd27b09e70975c6a05d62ae9da5c68 29
3 %APPDATA%\Microsoft\lvvm.exe 177,664 04f82663b480dde92e05b5462e0553a0 12
4 %APPDATA%\C4242\D7101.exe 173,568 8769f7a253e65035b9aa5b0f3b1a5611 11
5 %APPDATA%\4CF2B\00001.exe 172,032 c9fbeeddb9d78f6d8a765ad31a16c9ca 6
6 %APPDATA%\A85FE\A1B5F.exe 173,568 f0fb6c147bdcff21e4bf38052b41f699 5
7 %APPDATA%\78012\84527.exe 174,080 a4bd17aebd8ea75fb0cc999c3d941526 5
8 %APPDATA%\B6827\EBE63.exe 168,960 bc157c90cc8b474503367b76be979218 5
9 %APPDATA%\Microsoft\491E\6F9.exe 175,616 fe023bc3133eece7b0c8c944143fcfe2 4
10 %USERPROFILE%\Application Data\firefox.exe 2,790,400 b719533b9f4a3cf8c17a6c3baa08342b 4
11 %APPDATA%java.exe 2,939,904 3cc9f4cca076a0849332f894807f13b6 4
12 %APPDATA%\1E366\B9B79.exe 172,544 bb3da9a3ed04012b5f3b01d7a94595f3 4
13 %APPDATA%\F8B42\0BA0F.exe 174,080 2f00aad059497a49f9c807281372bc6a 3
14 %USERPROFILE%\Application Data\iexplore.exe 2,838,528 a5421d4a65a033cf5df3a09e74329f0e 3
15 %APPDATA%\2C436\6562D.exe 176,640 ed281b006c5f6be6e5aef450fb4c890c 3
16 %APPDATA%\E4CDE\1F128.exe 198,144 3ee4c1176bfe69f666662a99e05c6b05 3
17 %APPDATA%\4A647\E21E6.exe 173,568 a324d8cb374f835cba2b0bae56bed0ef 2
18 %APPDATA%\08D03\689BA.exe 173,568 95b988fb918271a582caf02e3c8949ff 2
19 %APPDATA%\2EDC8\B7595.exe 174,080 283529285c7ce47fb7f6d2c57a8fc576 2
20 %TEMP%0.42125441913294215.exe 194,048 e9a9f730b3b6f79129ef60634422b383 1
21 %TEMP%orary Internet Files\Content.IE5\EHKQ5WMU\drufee[1].mp3 191,488 22db9768cc44985a6629ed0060c10cb4 1
22 %APPDATA%\A8TePv3Qf\ONSpHfXktSpHfqI.exe 2,413,568 2b7f6f2b8420e9b2f96261a6f14b40f5 1
23 %APPDATA%\Microsoft\D476\2FD.exe 176,128 7c20ae7c36808280ff099ffb64d08d5b 1
24 %APPDATA%\Microsoft\DEBA\264.exe 285,184 f4d5c5d4496889008fc677e0ffb59ec4 1
25 %PROGRAMFILES%\LP\0155\38A.exe 286,208 e5d0f3610c8456e8a7c99987ef14e18e 1
26 %APPDATA%\Microsoft\7BD9\E1D.exe 285,696 2a949abf0ed18967f6fa6bb12f45ad0e 1
27 %APPDATA%\Microsoft\5865\276.exe 289,792 022db570eaacc52070735b3393c7ceb0 1
28 %APPDATA%\B04D0\087E7.exe 174,592 fb3eda59e0eed8c0e0bcb275709b0d86 1
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