BackDoor-AWQ.gen.r Description

Type: Trojan

BackDoor-AWQ.gen.r is a backdoor program. BackDoor-AWQ.gen.r may enter a system via security vulnerabilities or infected internet downloads. The distribution channels forBackDoor-AWQ.gen.r include unsolicited e-mails, hacked web pages and peer-to-peer networks. On entering a PC, BackDoor-AWQ.gen.r will give remote attackers access to an infected computer and the private information stored on it. BackDoor-AWQ.gen.r may also download more malware onto the compromised PC. BackDoor-AWQ.gen.r is a security threat that should be removed upon detection.


15 security vendors flagged this file as malicious.

Anti-Virus Software Detection
ClamAV Win.Trojan.Gbod-5
Avast Win32:Jorik-HP [Trj]
McAfee RDN/Generic BackDoor!kv
McAfee-GW-Edition Heuristic.LooksLike.Win32.Suspicious.I
F-Prot W32/Backdoor.AM.gen!Eldorado
Panda W32/P2PWorm.QD.worm
AVG Generic23.AGSB
Fortinet W32/Delf.UHT!tr
DrWeb Trojan.Siggen2.60287
BitDefender Trojan.Dropper.UDV
Kaspersky Backdoor.Win32.Gbod.dv
Avast Win32:Delf-PPL [Trj]
NOD32 Win32/Seleya.B
McAfee Artemis!4488492A8A4D
CAT-QuickHeal Trojan.Malex.E.iw8

Technical Information

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File System Details

BackDoor-AWQ.gen.r creates the following file(s):
# File Name MD5 Detection Count
1 svchost.exe 01a3ab0a7ae19c67deed8685beffdd63 17
2 crack.exe 1ca86603cbc792b109ca851075c94d3b 13
3 fresdg.exe 56c194345f2bb51be3003f2b3c155370 11
4 cssrs.exe f3c8ac2f04eb6a686966d2a3eebd0368 4
5 Soundmax.exe b3308808c3291c85b845e812fcb3c5e5 3
6 5911470.exe efb19e06a994f184b781a3c948e77e6e 3
7 winsvchost.exe 646a10f134ffc4315f83fe1f14340e32 3
8 csrss.exe 0e39464dfe9616d149556158de299cad 3
9 2743259405.exe 6fbf43aabaa558b2eb7227270e064ed0 2
10 userinit.exe 3596e383cdcec176e49be321f657a49c 1
11 ek_setup.exe 71082cef20807649757b671d2022b410 1
12 winlog.exe e3b32da7b24de5e575f0c551cded728a 1
13 8411338.exe 20795da70448e36faadd7fafc4198aad 1
14 9335421.exe bb3820f02ebe8b406b5532acd21a8f28 1
15 7078555.exe 7bf2d72ecc7d058ab06def55935c051a 1
16 6337214.exe 38d7ab4b1d19053b410f17d55f03cc18 1
17 3506435.exe ba5232648f07136c5f957844afbcdad8 1
18 9803075.exe 0cd76db73f3108cdb413ee8239212ece 1
19 3887270.exe 739b631acd703db6da144c472796b8a2 1
20 1668578.exe 5966c5a57e392720dfeb83ecd88c0d6b 1
21 1016789.exe 3fee1ea8c2240e5892bbf4c32df37193 1
22 5040763.exe 0fb27889e3db78f840e2d6f3eefcdbe8 1
23 3164874.exe 020c7da3aa19c9b857488c2d34929dc5 1
24 6497268.exe 26f6f7399b732e17eef5c618591c841f 1
25 cfmvmo.exe 9f83b8cdfd3493a9e5201132de8d29d6 1
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