BackDoor.Andromeda Description

Type: Backdoors

Trojan.Andromeda ScreenshotESG security analysts have been informed about numerous Trojan attacks centered primarily in Central and Eastern Europe involving Backdoor.Andromeda. Like most backdoor Trojans, Backdoor.Andromeda is only the first in a multi-component malware attack designed to wreak havoc on a victim's computer system. However, although Backdoor.Andromeda's primary purpose is to open a back door into the victim's computer system, this malware infection also has spyware capabilities, the ability to get into to an alien server and to download and set up other malware, as well as the ability to relay information to a remote attacker.

Most infections with Backdoor.Andromeda are acquired from malicious email attachments, although this malware infection may also invade a computer system as a result of an attack website exploiting known vulnerabilities in the victim's computer system. ESG malware researchers consider that Backdoor.Andromeda is a severe threat to a computer's security. Because of this, it is extremely important to delete Backdoor.Andromeda immediately with a reliable anti-malware application and to ensure that other malware has not managed to infect the victim's computer system due to Backdoor.Andromeda's backdoor.

Backdoor.Andromeda Enables other Dangerous Trojan Attacks

The main purpose of Backdoor.Andromeda is to create a backdoor into the infected computer system. 'Backdoor' simply refers to an unauthorized opening in the infected computer's security. By using this opening, a criminal can connect to the infected computer and install other malware or take out sensitive information, much like an unguarded back door can allow a robber to sneak into a building. Backdoor.Andromeda has been involved in various other malware attacks that can be installed on the victim's computer thanks to Backdoor.Andromeda's backdoor. There's a bundle of Trojans that are often installed by using this unauthorized security breach. Among these Trojans, ESG malware researchers have identified a spam bot, that is, a Trojan designed to take over the infected computer's email client in order to send out spam email; an IRC bot, which is a malware infection that enables criminals to take over the infected computer system by sending it commands via IRC; and a browser hijacker, a Trojan that changes the infected computer's HOSTS file in order to redirect its online activities.

Technical Information

File System Details

BackDoor.Andromeda creates the following file(s):
# File Name MD5 Detection Count
1 6e745dw6rg7t8itu.exe bc90c938bc1170444a691cdc04ec733e 3,361
2 loader.exe 40c0c45bd9741ef0f9d2ff972d0b8d75 19
3 mszjeb.exe 0e9c6292025426164fc32f2413a84846 2
4 file.exe 40a5dd7fd8a1d9a2027070db784440f7 0
More files

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