Technical Information

File System Details

Backdoor.Androm.CC creates the following file(s):
# File Name MD5 Detection Count
1 505040.exe.vir ff739a88dc6d3f84fa3cf21ce26201f7 170
2 260.tmp.exe dd37a332102e33514990893c79619694 134
3 B8B7.tmp.exe 605b3736fb727cfe96c2e34bf50a3f6c 131
4 winsvc.exe 67bf3ae872795965c9484f769caff708 104
5 s[1].exe d4002a51167f3bebea29370a19f1a523 81
6 winmgr.exe 05057e320f64c198a10545dd918f1351 49
7 fhfshffsf99udau.exe 5352e4d7bde4dd7ad62138d21f88e1f7 17
8 41bc8e591c5b73de69418a982dabc81b 41bc8e591c5b73de69418a982dabc81b 17
9 bd9e869c4d189f128f01124c51a15ed1 bd9e869c4d189f128f01124c51a15ed1 17
10 windrv.exe c2e8f6353bf6715e79538e8665ae10f8 16
11 17709b731672fcbfc93362f5faf4e6cc 17709b731672fcbfc93362f5faf4e6cc 15
12 winsvcs.exe 3c3ef6654712a66c090da9350669f088 4
13 fig.exe 6e2b4e8f9eaa2d9de7a04edf7317739a 3
14 moxill.exe 53cc7d11dbc9b8c0a78ed8dbbd2411ee 1
15 wind.exe 67599a82a88f8af21e3ef96f75fe2cb9 1
16 cssrss.exe 82292e694416a7e602117dd39cdd4cca 1
17 e373275571534afd706db404bed583664f6a347c1ff6e5c55d5ca8435b4860f2.exe 34bfd416ceb530ffac2621a57bd5eff5 0
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