Backdoor.Agent.RCGen Description

Backdoor.Agent.RCGen is a backdoor Trojan which often accompanied by a rogue defragmentation and system optimization utility named FakeHDD. Backdoor.Agent.RCGen creates its copies on all drives, especially shared, so that the compromised PC functions as a source of the backdoor Trojan. When PCs give information from their locations involving the disguised copy of Backdoor.Agent.RCGen to other PCs, the receiving operating system gains a copy of Backdoor.Agent.RCGen. Backdoor.Agent.RCGen supports a disguised channel to permit remote hackers spy on the corrupted PC and show advertisements that corresponds to PC owner's profile linked to the infected computer. Backdoor.Agent.RCGen may also block desktop items and harm important data. Get rid of Backdoor.Agent.RCGen by using a reputable security application.