Backdoor.Agent.RC2Gen Description

Type: Trojan

Backdoor.Agent.RC2Gen is a dangerous backdoor Trojan that lawbreakers can use to obtain unauthorized access to a computer. These kinds of Trojans are typically distributed via malicious email attachments and embedded links leading to attack websites. Like most Trojans, Backdoor.Agent.RC2Gen usually needs the victims themselves to download and install this threat, which is usually disguised as a harmless file. One of the main dangers of a Backdoor.Agent.RC2Gen infection is that Backdoor.Agent.RC2Gen exhibits no symptoms. Because of this, Backdoor.Agent.RC2Gen may remain on an infected computer for a long time before the victim notices there is a problem. To make sure that you can stop a Backdoor.Agent.RC2Gen infection before criminals attack your computer further, ESG security researchers advise keeping your security software constantly updated and running full scans of your computer periodically.

The Relationship Between Backdoor.Agent.RC2Gen and other Backdoor Trojans

Backdoor.Agent.RC2Gen is referred to as a backdoor Trojan because Backdoor.Agent.RC2Gen establishes an unauthorized opening in the infected computer's security protection. This opening actslike an unlocked, unguarded backdoor. Much like a burglar can gain unauthorized access to a building using this backdoor, a criminal can gain unauthorized access to a computer through this digital backdoor. Criminals can use this advantage to cause destruction on an infected computer. Backdoor.Agent.RC2Gen and other backdoor Trojans can be used to relay information on the infected computer to a third part as well as to steal information from the infected computer. More commonly, a criminal can use Backdoor.Agent.RC2Gen to install other malware on the infected computers. These malware threats can range from scamware and ransomware that try to coerce the victims directly in order to steal their money to other Trojans and rootkits that monitor the infected computer's activity and relay it to a third party.

Preventing a Backdoor.Agent.RC2Gen Infection

There are two things that computer security researchers should do in order to prevent Backdoor.Agent.RC2Gen infections:

  1. Make sure that your computer is protected with the best anti-malware and firewall available. Also make sure that your security software is updated periodically so that it will remain effective.
  2. Take extra care when browsing the Internet, especially clicking on unknown links or downloading unknown files. In general, it is recommended to stay away from websites that are unsafe (such as pornographic websites or web pages containing pirated media or software).

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