AZORult Description

'AZORult' is an Infostealer Trojan that was added to AV databases in 2016 and received a major update in July 2018. The AZORult Infostealer Trojan includes downloader capabilities and may be used as first-stage and second-stage malware. The AZORult threat is introduced to computers via exploit kits primarily, but there are plenty of cases where AZORult was installed by users opening a corrupted Microsoft Word file received via spam emails. The AZORult dropper module was reported to be part of a campaign that delivered the Hermes Ransomware to users. The creators of AZORult have used forums on the Dark Web to promote their product and invite other threat actors to buy AZORult for their campaigns. The AZORult malware was promoted to include the following features:

  • AZORult can copy browsing history from Internet clients based on Chromium and Mozilla Firefox.
  • AZORult can hijack cryptocurrency wallets like Exodus, Jaxx, Mist, Ethereum, Electrum and Electrum-LTC.
  • The new AZORult loader is said to be customizable and detect certain objects on the infected host, which can be uploaded to the 'Command and Control' server.
  • AZORult can connect to the Internet through proxies installed on the infected host.

The AZORult Trojan can be used to collect information from users and drop more malware on compromised devices. The version 2 of AZORult make it one of the most versatile cyber threats of 2018. The AZORult Trojan is observed to encrypt the collected information using an XOR algorithm and a 3-byte key. AZORult can copy cookies from the browser and potentially allow cloned browser sessions.

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The AZORult downloader module might enable threat actors to use a single PC and spread over a company network. The AZORult Trojan is deemed as an advanced threat that should be countered with multi-level defenses and reliable access policies. PC users that may be infected with AZORult may notice questionable process names in the task manager and unusual network communications. It is recommended to remove AZORult using a reputable anti-malware suite. Detection names associated with AZORult include:

Trojan ( 00538c421 )
a variant of Win32/Injector.DZKP

Technical Information

File System Details

AZORult creates the following file(s):
# File Name Size MD5 Detection Count
1 c:\users\alan.k\desktop\desktop ii\esgtools\esg tools\tools\info (2)\info\binances\crypt\binances.exe 380,416 6439131def75c6ef73cb43467c9444ff 96
2 69ef96c982cd06ab342adbc051adb990 129,536 69ef96c982cd06ab342adbc051adb990 2
3 file.exe 538,952 ab9330711166d04bd3814aa5a4873357 1
4 9994f688218d3c00c68937f2295fe6cd 284,672 9994f688218d3c00c68937f2295fe6cd 0

Registry Details

AZORult creates the following registry entry or registry entries:
Regexp file mask
Registry key
Software\Margin Trade
LetsSee! 2.15
%APPDATA%\Margin Trade
%PROGRAMFILES(x86)%\Margin Trade

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