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Many bogus anti-virus software online stores exist on the Internet. Fraudsters often make effort to design fake online stores that would seem to be similar to reputable websites such as Groupon. One of these websites is, which uses the Groupon's appearance to trick PC users into buying some bogus anti-virus programs. provides deals on some software products such as Adobe Acrobat and Flash, and McAfee and Norton anti-virus, and tries to convince PC users into purchasing them. If you take a look at, you will see numerous attractive cheap anti-virus software deals; however, is made to rip computer users off. Cybercriminals attempt to mock reputable websites such as Groupon to make falsified software programs look legitimate.

Computer users who try to catch hot huge discount deals, which, in fact, are fake, get rerouted to fraudulent payment pages where they're should give their MasterCard or Visa information. To avoid scams like, it is advised to purchase anti-virus software from genuine and reliable websites. In addition, before you provide any payment information, check if the website is encrypted with HTTPS; some Internet browsers highlight those letters in green in the URL address bar. If your Internet browser doesn't highlight it, the website is probably not safe and reliable. ESG's security analysts strongly recommend you not to visit and make a purchase of some security programs from because it would be only a waste of money.


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