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On the surface, Ave99.com looks just one more of the many websites that specialize in offering special retail offers and deals to their visitors. However, there is more to Ave99.com than there seems. The fact is that most of visitors to this malicious website are actually forced to go there through a browser hijacker infection. According to ESG PC security researchers, Ave99.com is part of a large network of malicious websites associated with browser hijackers and malware with browser hijacking capabilities. Clicking on any of the "special deals" on Ave99.com will usually lead to a variety of malware infections or to other websites that are similar to Ave99.com. If your Internet browser is repeatedly forcing you to visit Ave99.com, this is a symptom of a severe malware infection. ESG malware analysts recommend removing any browser hijackers associated with Ave99.com with the help of a reliable, fully-updated anti-malware application. Failure to do so could result in severe malware problems such as the installation of any number of possible Trojan infections or of a Remote Access Tool on your computer system.

Ave99.com and Browser Hijackers

As was mentioned before, Ave99.com is closely associated with browser hijackers. One browser hijacker in particular that redirects repeatedly to the Ave99.com website is the Google Redirect Virus. The Google Redirect Virus, in reality a Trojan, is closely associated with rootkit infections like the TDSS Rootkit, ZeroAccess, or Alureon. However, redirects to the Ave99.com website do not necessarily mean that the computer is infected with Google Redirect Virus. There is a variety of browser hijackers that may also redirect to Ave99.com. Most browser hijackers are Browser Helper Objects for Internet Explorer, toolbars that take up space and are typically installed along with a low-quality freeware application. Browser hijackers can force a computer user to visit Ave99.com in a variety of ways:

  • Browser hijackers associated with Ave99.com may change the results of Google searches (as well as on other search engines), so that the links in the results actually link to Ave99.com.
  • Browser hijackers associated with Ave99.com may also take you to Ave99.com after you visit a certain number of websites. They will simply interrupt your current activity and take you to Ave99.com without your authorization.
  • Computers infected with browser hijackers associated with Ave99.com will typically display pop-up advertisements and even have links to Ave99.com and similar websites created directly on the computer's desktop.


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