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Autospy is a program that hackers use to wreak havoc on a computer system. Programs like Autospy are particularly dangerous because they allow criminals with relatively low computer knowledge to perform attacks that were once only possible by hackers with advanced coding and hacking skills. Autospy belongs to a category of malware known as a RAT, or Remote Access Tool. As Autospy's name implies, Autospy allows a hacker to gain absolute control of a computer system from a remote location. According to ESG malware researchers, Autospy uses several quotes from Star Wars in Autospy's documentation and interspersed in Autospy's code.

Origins of Autospy

Autospy has several different versions, because many hackers have updated Autospy to bypass known security measures and to adapt Autospy to their own needs. Autospy was created before 2002 by a hacker that goes by the alias "Case". This Remote Access Tool quickly gained prominence throughout the year 2002. In the summer months of that year several variants of Autospy were released. Today, Autospy is not as used as other recent Remote Access Tools with graphical interfaces and even simpler operation.

How a Hacker Uses Autospy to Invade Your Computer System

Autospy usually takes advantage of a backdoor Trojan or worm. Autospy also has worm capabilities that allow Autospy to spread by itself, without the aid of other malware. Unlike other Remote Access Tools, Autospy is unique in that Autospy has a very well developed module for perpetrating credit fraud. Once a hacker manages to install Autospy on a victim's computer system, it is simply a matter of running different commands, in order to control the victim's computer at will. Basically, Autospy creates a server on the infected computer system (quite small, usually no larger than one megabyte in size) and then uses a client on the hacker's computer to control the infected computer system from afar.

Functions of the Autospy Remote Access Tool

Autospy grants a hacker complete control of a computer system. Some of Autospy's worst traits include the following:

  • Using the "Kill" command, a hacker can delete any file on the infected computer system. Using the command "Deltree", a hacker can wipe out complete directories. Simply typing something like "deltree C:" is enough to wipe out the infected computer's entire hard drive.
  • Several commands in Autospy also allow a hacker to view any fileor image, connect to any website or run any application on the infected computer system.
  • Autospy also allows a hacker to display message boxes on the infected computer system or control several devices connected to the victim's computer.
  • Worst of all, Autospy contains components that allow Autospy to spy on the victim's keystrokes and steal passwords and credit card information.


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