AutoConfigUrl Browser Hijacker

AutoConfigUrl Browser Hijacker Description

AutoConfigUrl is a software function that is used by programs to connect to the Internet and exchange data. Think of AutoConfigUrl as an address book that a program uses to connect to websites and download/upload data. Developers of adware and browser hijacking software may substitute the AutoConfigUrl configurations with URLs that host insecure advertisement content and badware. Corrupted AutoConfigUrl configurations may redirect users to fake search engines like,, and

Security applications may show alerts that mention 'Hijack.AutoconfigURL' when the browser loads an untrusted page. Bad AutoConfigUrl settings are stored in WPAD.dat which stands for the Web Proxy Auto-Discovery Protocol. WPAD.dat is used by Windows for applications connected to the Internet and users that are presented with a 'Hijack.AutoconfigURL' alert should be cautious. Corrupted configurations that are stored in WPAD.dat format may be found in the Temp directory and the installation folders of Internet clients like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Some reports suggest adware is using the AutoConfigUrl function to store links in WPAD.dat, which include:

Experts note that browser hijackers and adware that are abusing AutoConfigUrl should not be ignored. Redirects to untrusted pages may result in the installation of harmful software. Computer users need to make sure that their Internet settings are not under the influence of badware and have a secure environment for online banking and messaging. You can install a reliable anti-malware instrument to scan your machine for programs related to 'Hijack.AutoconfigURL' and delete them safely.