Threat Database Adware Augmenter Ads

Augmenter Ads

By CagedTech in Adware

Threat Scorecard

Threat Level: 80 % (High)
Infected Computers: 19
First Seen: November 24, 2014
Last Seen: May 27, 2022
OS(es) Affected: Windows

Augmenter is a Possibly Unwanted Program that once inside the targeted computer may modify its Web browser and desktop settings. Augmenter is associated with an adware application that may integrate your default Web browser through its browser extension. Whether your browser is Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Chrome, it may be compatible with Augmenter browser extension. Augmenter adware may replace the computer users' homepage and redirect their Web browsers to corrupted Web pages. Augmenter adware also may disable your installed security software. Computer users that want to have a clear and secure Web browsing should find and remove Augmenter and eliminate it from their computers for good.


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