Threat Database Browser Hijackers

By CagedTech in Browser Hijackers is a browser hijacker that mimics the appearance of popular search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo and others. alters your Web browser's DNS default settings. uses unfair ways to enter a computer such as through insecure downloads of free software, spam e-mails, corrupted links, music, movies and other shady techniques. As soon as is installed on a computer, starts displaying pop-up warnings and advertisements that will prevent you from having a normal browsing activity. These advertisements may match your online searches but, if clicked, may redirect you to unsafe websites that will further aggravate the situation. Browser hijackers have capabilities that allow them to monitor the websites and URLs visited. Other problematic actions may occur when infected with a browser hijacker such as your computer may become slow or even crash. Do not hesitate. You should erase Possibly Unwanted Programs, adware and browser hijackers from your machine with a good malware removal software.


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