is a browser-based tactic with the primary goal of making users accept push notifications. operates through a rogue website with no content. When users visit, they see a black screen and a fake CAPTCHA-verification test. The website asks its visitors to click on a given 'Allow' button to confirm that they are not robots and, at the same time, allow notifications.

Accepting notifications from such a website puts your device at risk. Pop-ups and banners generated by promote unsafe products and services and may even contain corrupted scripts that could compromise your system without your notice. Often, redirecting scripts to unsafe websites is also injected without the advertisements generated by In case you have permitted this website browser notifications accidentally, you can withdraw that permission from your browser's settings at any time.

If the annoying pop-ups keep showing up or your browser loads website on startup, you should definitely check your computer for Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUPs). Examples of these are browser hijackers and adware.


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