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Arkei Stealer

By GoldSparrow in Stealers

The Arkei Stealer is a threat that started being noticed by malware researchers in June 2018. The con artists were able to change a genuine application to another one that had the Arkei Stealer bundled with it by hacking a cryptocurrency wallet's account on GitHub. The attack's reach wasn't disclosed, but hundreds of users may have been infected by the Arkei Stealer.

Computer Users Should Take Measures to Avoid Threats Like the Arkei Stealer

The Arkei Stealer can generate numerous problems on the PCs it manages to invade since the criminals behind it can gather privileged data, transfer cryptocurrency and make payments. The data collected by the Arkei Stealer may include:

  • Passwords, autofill data, cookies, and browsing history from Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome browsers. It also can collect data from other browsers.
  • Collect files utilized by cryptocurrency wallet application compatible with the Ethereum and Bitcoin cryptocurrencies.
  • The Arkei Stealer is capable of fetching files using determined file extensions (TXT, DOC, ZIP, XLS, PDF, etc.)
  • The Arkei Stealer can take screenshots of the victim's desktop and relocate these screenshots to the invader's server.

Malware researchers counsel computer users to be proactive in keeping threats like this one away from their machines using an updated anti-malware software suite.


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