is a rogue website that convinces people to subscribe to browser notifications through a misleading scheme. This browser-based tactic exploits a social engineering trick to convince its visitors that it needs to conduct a human verification test and shows the following message:

' wants to Show notifications

Click Allow to confirm that you are not a robot!'

Users who click on the 'Allow' button will start receiving advertising pop-ups from delivered on their screens directly, even if they are not surfing the Internet currently. All promotional advertisements and other messages from this website can be very harmful. First, because they popularize questionable websites and services, like online gambling, adult content, or fake software copies; second, because they can contain corrupted scripts that install malware on victims' computers.

If you did not visit intentionally, your browser, probably, has been hijacked. Potentially Unwanted Applications (PUPs) like browser hijackers spread stealthily, bundled within other programs' installation process. Then, they alter the affected browser's homepage, new tab URL, and default search engine so that untrusty websites open automatically. If you see annoying pop-ups on your screen regularly, malware researchers recommend checking your system for malware through a certified anti-virus program.


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