is an online site that uses a common social engineering tactic to trick users into subscribing to browser notifications. This scheme's final goal is to receive user's permission to deliver advertising content to their devices directly, whereby the advertisements will show up even if no browser is launched currently. When people visit the misleading website, the first thing they see is a fake error message that claims to be a verification test that the user is not a robot.

The text in the message can have various modifications, yet there is always an "Allow" button. Once clicked, it allows the website to show advertisements on the user's computer or phone. Advertising pop-ups and banners from are usually for highly questionable pages or services, like online gambling sites, adult content, PUPs downloads, and other harmful tools and programs.

You can try to stop pop-ups by deleting the website's permission to send you notifications from your browser's settings. However, if that does not work, probably adware or a Possibly Unwanted Program (PUP) has infected your system. Professional anti-malware programs can help clean up your system in that case.


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